Why I Help Podcast

Why I Help Podcast

The WHY I HELP Podcast interviews business leaders, sports figures, celebrities, philanthropists, and humanitarians who created or are major supporters of charities, charitable foundations, scholarships, etc., or individuals who are just doing good work. Only positivity and good news here.

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Recent Episodes

Camerone Parker - Super Model turned Super Philanthropist

July 17, 2021

Arizona resident Camerone Parker had a normal upbringing and happy childhood. Her father, who worked in Sports Medicine, and her mother supported her dreams of becoming a model. Camerone actually started modeling by accident…

April Lott - Focused on Families - CEO of Directions for Living

June 16, 2021

April Lott, LCSW, is the President & CEO at Directions for Living, a CARF-accredited 501(c)3 not-for-profit child welfare and behavioral health organization providing a comprehensive network of services promoting safe and st…

Mike Armstrong - Former AT&T and Comcast CEO - Doing Great Things to Help Others

May 27, 2021

A multiple cancer survivor, Mike tells the motivation and story on how he became a leading philanthropist to many charities and causes.

Rachelle McCray - Advocating for Solutions to Kidney Disease

May 26, 2021

Rachelle McCray is a nationally recognized Television Show Host, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. She is also a patient whose mother, Mindy, is a kidney transplant recipient and the inspiration behind her non-profit organiz…

Sandy Kearney - An Angel Against Abuse

May 12, 2021

Sandy Kearney has 35 years experience in management and office solutions. As a consultant in office solutions, Sandy would go into an office, identify the weaknesses, implement policies, evaluate the staff, write job descri…

John Kearney - Big Time CEO - Big Time Philanthropist

April 28, 2021

John is the founder and CEO of the most advanced truck driver training simulator company in America, Advanced Training Systems. John has spent over 30 years in the driver training field. As an industry leader his experience …