John Kearney - Big Time CEO - Big Time Philanthropist

John Kearney - Big Time CEO - Big Time Philanthropist

John is the founder and CEO of the most advanced truck driver training simulator company in America, Advanced Training Systems.

John has spent over 30 years in the driver training field. As an industry leader his experience includes the operation of multiple schools throughout the United States for truck driver training where the need and application for the use of simulation as a training tool was obvious. Over 100,000 students have benefited from training within the scope of the companies.

He has been an expert in the field of training and simulation for over 30 years. His list of accomplishments as a leader in the business world includes operations in many countries throughout the world. His experience, and leadership is now directed to improving the lives of thousands of drivers with ATS’s innovative driver simulator training His company believes in offering a superior product at a price that brings stellar ROI. This is the basic philosophy that has driven John in all his endeavors through the years and, at present, his management of ATS.


John is involved with several charities.  And by involved, we don’t mean just signing a check.

Tampa Bay Research Institute:  This is a research non-profit that is involved in curing diseases such as cancer.  He is the Secretary of this organization and a Board Member.


Florida Sports Hall of Fame:  This organization is another one that you should review the website to learn about it.  He is the treasurer of this organization that operates statewide promoting sports and physical development in youth.  He has been involved for more than 10 years.


Angels Against Abuse:  This nonprofit was founded by John’s wife, Sandy, over 10 years ago and I am on the Board.  He does whatever his wife asks in preparing to assist abused and those at risk of abuse.   This organization has a wonderful facility where children that have been removed can meet with their family in a safe environment.  It is the emergency supplier of items for children right when they are removed and they have many programs to change children’s lives and give them joy in their tough times.


KML Foundation: John is the Chairman/President and a Board Member of this organization which is operated by a great 4 member board that has been with the organization since June of 2007 when it was formed as a result of Elmer Krauss who, at his death provided the funding, and allowed the board to determine its non-profit objective.  The organization provides grants to students going to college or vocational training who are residents of Pinellas, Hillsborough or Pasco counties.  All applicants are interviewed to see that they meet the organizations qualifications.  Grants are available throughout their education regardless of the degree or technical training they are seeking.  Many students have benefited from this program that may not have been able to gain an advanced education without this funding.